Anchor Yourself
We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.
Hebrews 6:19

Live passionately, even if it kills you, because something is going to kill you anyway.
-Webb Chiles

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Reblog if you will be celebrating Hobbit Day (September 22)




Happy Birthday to me!!! 22!!! GOLDEN BIRTHDAY!


every woman on tumblr should have this on their dash

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wow this made me sad.  (via girlsloveprettygirls)

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Call your mother. Tell her you love her. Remember you’re the only person who knows what her heart sounds like from the inside.



Why did Barty Crouch Jr. quit drinking?

Because it was making him Moody.


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i wonder how people describe me when they’re talking about me to someone who’s never met me

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